Project Manager

The Project Manager provides oversight of land acquisition agents who conduct land acquisitions, negotiations, and property research.

The Project Manager possesses a firm understanding of permitting, property valuation, survey drawings, legal descriptions, and design plans. The successful candidate understands the legal implications of all transfer documents and is prepared to assist agents with landowner negotiations. The successful candidate has a proven ability to: manage multiple projects; provide client relations and status reporting; monitor project timelines and budgets; attend public information meetings; cultivate client relationships; and establish new relationships with clients. The Project Manager has a minimum of five years relevant experience.


  • Possesses knowledge of property ownership, title, legal aspects of right of way, valuation and appraisal concepts. 
  • Understands appraisal reports and methodology used by appraisers.
  • Must be knowledgeable of the permitting process and be able to complete various types of permits, including government, railroad and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.
  • Interprets and understands complex title and ownership interests.
  • Analyzes information from land surveys, engineering drawings, design plans, and environmental reports to evaluate project impact.
  • Prepares and manages project budgets and forecasts revenues.
  • Effectively manages project staff and subcontractors.
  • Responsible for project compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
  • Coordinates and leads internal resources; sets expectations and priorities; determines metrics; obtains deliverables; and achieves milestones.
  • Assists in presenting at public information meetings.
  • Creates, modifies, and executes project plans and schedules.
  • Assists with preparation of cost proposals.
  • Manages detailed tracking and communication of project progress to all stakeholders.
  • Ensures all client deliverables are completed and delivered on schedule.
  • Updates senior management and the project team on changes in project scope, status, and schedule. 
  • Acts as a direct liaison to clients and provides reports, updates, and solutions.
  • Establishes project messaging for stakeholders, including landowners and communities.
  • Identifies business opportunities from multiple resources.
  • Develops and maintains effective client relations.
  • Approves expenses and monitors timesheets/budgets.
  • Assures compliance with company and site safety policies.
  • Maintains positive working relationships with co-workers and clients.
  • Represents the company in a professional and competent manner.
  • Works well with others and develops rapport and trust with both clients and landowners.
  • Regular and punctual attendance is paramount to this position.


  • Extensive Right of Way Acquisition or Project Management Experience 
  • Basic knowledge of general real estate law 
  • Basic understanding of Real Estate title work 
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Travel may be required
  • Valid Driver’s License 
  • Background Check
  • Completed I-9 and W-4