Senior Land Agents


Vanguard is accepting applications and resumes for experienced Senior Land Agents for potential projects throughout the United States.

To persuade landowners to sign agreements by presenting project information to stakeholders and helping them understand the benefits of participating in the project.


  • Obtains agreements in excess of the benchmark established by the client for a successful project.
  • Communicates with Vanguard and the client clearly and regularly.
  • Updates tracking database daily with detailed and accurate information.
  • Timely submits accurate, detailed, and truthful time/expense entries through Vanguard’s chosen software solution.
  • Interacts with landowners and the community through one-on-one meetings, townhall meetings, phone calls, emails, and/or mail correspondence; proactively follows-up with landowners and the community as necessary to maintain relationships and promote the free flow of information.
  • Researches and obtains accurate ownership/title information and prepares documents in accordance with the client’s specifications.
  • Identifies potential problems and solutions, then promptly communicates those problems and solutions to Vanguard and the client.
  • Receives at least ninety percent positive feedback or better from the client regarding work performance.