Alan RiceProject Manager

Alan Rice joined the Vanguard Real Estate Team in early 2022. Alan is a Texas Native and brings with him over 30 years of experience in Management and Leadership in the Surface and Mineral Title Profession. As a Project Coordinator, Alan is responsible for the management of accurate and timely Title Reports performed by project team members.

In 1991, Alan formed Texas Title Works focusing on non-policy title reports for Commercial Lenders. During that time, Alan also attended University of Houston where he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate. After graduating in 2005, Alan accepted a position as Abstract Manager for Stewart Title and moved to San Antonio. In 2005, Alan left Stewart Title and formed AGI Synergy Interests, LLC, becoming a Real Estate Broker doing business as Synergy Realty, and Performing Title Reports under Synergy Property and Title Solutions. Around 2009, Alan began performing Title Work as an independent contractor for Oil and Gas projects in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, and then around 2017 Wind and Solar projects as well, throughout the U.S..

As Vanguard continues to grow, Alan’s management experience and knowledge help build and develop reliability and integrity resulting in value to our clients.

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