Dave FaberSr. Project Manager

Dave has aspired to be an elite professional in the Right-of-Way business for over seven years. Beginning his career at JCG Land Services, Inc., he has worked with several genres of clients including the Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska Departments of Transportation, city and county entities, and private corporations. Dave has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from lift stations to underground water lines, natural gas line installation to road and bridge repair. He has also worked on several federal projects such as sidewalk restoration for the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Lewis and Clark Water Regional Water System.

In 2019 Dave began working with Vanguard and has continued to acquire project experience. As a Sr. Project Manager, he has helped Vanguard clients reach their goals by overseeing land agents on multiple wind farm, solar farm, and infrastructure projects. Dave continues to strive to exceed expectations by catering to each client’s specific needs and applying knowledge gained from experience and research. He has managed projects in multiple states including Washington, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Utah, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.
Dave graduated from Iowa State University with a major in Mass Communications.

He has been a member of the IRWA (International Right-of-Way Association) for over 10 years and has real estate licenses in Nebraska and Colorado. In his spare time he enjoys the great outdoors, traveling and rock climbing.

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