Jim KnotwellTitle Agent/Cartographer

James “Jim” Knotwell, Ph.D. graduated from Wayne State College in 1987 with his Bachelor of Science in Geography.

In 1989, Jim earned his Master of Arts in Geography from Western Illinois University. Jim received his Doctor of Philosophy in Economic Geography and Regional Development from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1995, along with Geospatial Information Systems (“GIS”), Cartographic Analysis, and Geostatistical Analysis Research Tool Certifications.

Jim has a wide breadth of professional experience, ranging from the world of academia to military service. Between 2000 and 2007, Jim worked as a professor of Geography for Wayne State College. His next stop was with Hillard Energy in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Jim worked as a GIS Analysis Manager. In that capacity, Jim provided intricate and comprehensive GIS services in connection with wind energy and electric transmission projects. In 2010 and 2011, Jim worked for the United States Army – first, as a Human Terrain Specialist, and then as a Social Scientist. In recent years, Jim provided independent GIS and related services through his business, Knotwell GeoAnalytics.

Jim performs a wide range of services for Vanguard including: site assessment, property research and mapping, transmission line siting, and project management.

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