Jon YoachimPresident

Jon has worked in real estate for over 14 years, energy for over 11 years, and agriculture since childhood. Over the past 11 years, Jon worked in more than 25 states and managed the acquisition of more than 2,000 parcels and 400,000 acres. Over the past five years, Jon also worked for the federal government through the Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service Office, closing wetland conservation easements across Nebraska. Jon’s land acquisition work has paved the way for the development of wind farms, solar farms, cellular towers, as well as the installation of fiber optic cable and power lines. 

In 2006, Jon graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, earning his Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Land Use Economics. Jon began cultivating his expertise in land acquisition in 2007 as a Senior Leasing Agent for Hillard Energy in Lincoln, Nebraska. From 2008 to 2016, Jon was Senior Project Manager for Faulk & Foster. In that capacity, Jon managed all aspects of site acquisition for wind, solar, fiber, and telecommunication projects. Jon is also a licensed real estate broker in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Georgia.

In 2016, Jon made the decision to focus his full time and energy on building his own land acquisition business – Vanguard. Through Jon’s relationship-based approach to business, his dedication to innovation, and his entrepreneurial spirit, Jon grew Vanguard from a one-man shop into a land acquisition company with more than 20 Land Agents working across the United States. 

Moving into the future, Jon is focused on the continued growth and expansion of Vanguard. In addition to the constant refinement and improvement of land acquisition services for the benefit of Vanguard’s clients, Jon is collaborating with investors, farmers, ranchers, conservation entities, and energy companies to invest in agricultural land to maximize its revenue potential.