Keith LeopardLand Agent

Keith started his career in right of way in 2014 after retiring from his previous line of work.  While working on his first gas & oil project, he completed coursework at the University of Houston-Downtown School of Business, to earn his professional certification in Right of Way.  Since his introduction into the industry, Keith has travelled to many regions of the country to work on a variety of projects, to include gas/oil, transmission, and renewable energy. 

Keith joined the team at Vanguard Real Estate Solutions, LLC in 2020 after being an independent contractor for them for about a year.  Since working with Vanguard he’s been focusing his skills and talents on wind energy projects throughout the mid-west.   

Keith and his family reside in central Iowa.  Keith enjoys working on their small hobby farm, spending time with his wife, kids & their four dogs, upland bird hunting, travelling, cooking, photography, reading, writing, listening to music and word working.

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