Rado Archer, IIISr. Land Agent

In his latter teenage years in Midland, TX, Rado was being taught the ways of the “Petroleum Landman” and went straight from high school to working in the field with his father, an oil and gas Attorney, in a dusty little town called Navasota, TX.  There he would learn that being stuck in a motel, in the middle of nowhere, with his much older father was not at all what he had envisioned directly out of school.  However, as we all know hindsight is as clear as day.  Rado went on to do what he really desired at the time, which was to be a “Professional Chef”, and after completing Culinary School in 1997, he embarked on a journey of learning from the best chefs around and aspiring to be one of them.  After several years of being in the trenches and enduring the relentless labor and schedule required to be a professional chef and realizing that what he once loved had become something he could not see providing him with the life he really desired, he made the decision, in June of 2004, to join the rest of the family in the oil business as a “Petroleum Landman”.

From that point on Rado has worked in several states for various land companies.  As a “Landman”, Rado has worked in every aspect of the business, from running full title abstracts, title curative projects, right of way, leasing and purchasing of mineral rights, due diligence, wind & solar and the list continues to grow.  During those years, he taught his wife how to be a landman, and she has taken off with her own career in the business.

One thing he has learned is that it is never too late to make the big changes in your life in order to get what you truly want.  Leaving his first chosen profession, to do what he does now, changed his life in a profound way and has absolutely provided him with the life he ultimately wanted.

Rado has been married for almost 15 years and has three young children that he and his wife, Nikki, are raising in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tim Baigent