Vanguard’s team has the experience and versatility to handle right-of-way (“ROW”) acquisition projects of all types. We provide services to municipalities, states, and private companies for:

  • Electrical lines
  • Pipelines
  • Telecommunication lines
  • Transportation infrastructure

Vanguard brings an invaluable perspective to each ROW project by leveraging the more than 115 years of combined experience of our three ROW consultants. Vanguard’s General Counsel provides guidance to acquisition consultants regarding compliance with state statutes, regulations, and procedures. Vanguard is well-equipped to address landowners’ questions with respect to eminent domain law. This institutional knowledge, combined with our relationship-based approach, position Vanguard’s acquisition consultants to acquire ROW the right way. Vanguard anticipates branching out beyond acquisition services to provide appraisal services and relocation assistance.

Vanguard staffs ROW acquisition projects of all types and sizes, including electric transmission lines, crude oil, natural gas, and NGL pipelines, as well as electric transmission lines. Our team is there to provide needed services throughout every step of process, including data collection, GIS mapping, negotiation, and procurement.  Vanguard’s experienced professionals and land agents ensure that the ROW acquisition process proceeds competently and expeditiously.