Bette DossmanProject Manager

Bette began her career as an Independent Landman in 2008 in Amarillo, TX working as an in-house landman for an oil & gas company. She has worked all over the United States since then covering all aspects of Title and Document Preparation, Operations Liaison and Heirship/Curative Projects that led to Renewable Acquisition and on to Project Management of Renewable Acquisition projects. Bette has Managed Wind and Solar Renewable Acquisition Projects ranging from 1 to 15 Agents and Document Specialists as well as secured around 60,000 acres of land personally.

Before becoming a 3rd generation Independent Landman Bette has had experience in Apartment Management, Retail Management, Customer Service and has been involved with Mission Trips, Church and Charities of several types.

Bette joined Vanguard as a Project Manager in March of 2022. Her goal is to better facilitate the work flow between agent and client to bring about the client’s objectives in a timely manner. Bette loves to teach, train and to help others achieve their goals.
During time off, Bette enjoys music, movies, reading, games and travelling. She also loves spending time at home in Oklahoma with her daughters and grandkids. She is a closet science fiction nerd.

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